Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awesome Twitter Status Bar

While every graphic designer and UX aficionado is threatening to leave twitter if they can't use Tweetbot or Twittelator Neueueue after the great 3rd party client purge, Twitter has updated its client with the coolest UI feature I have seen this year.

Behold, the repurposed status bar:

Beautiful, isn't it? Apple gives developers full control over the inclusion/exclusion of the status bar. Twitter is taking advantage of this, not to grab an extra 20 points of screen space, but to display its own statuses!

They cleverly show their own status bar when it needs showing, and display the standard bar at all other times. It is so well integrated, I bet most users think it's stock iOS behavior.

Just wonderful.

Too sexy! too sexy!

Mark my words.  In 12 months, every app with a status will. have. this.

P.S. Be sure to let me know if Twitter didn't popularize this so I can properly gush over the person who did.


  1. Don't get to exited. Reeder use it for about one year now.

  2. Thanks, I hadn't seen this, but after you posted I found one here: